Monday, May 6, 2013

It's Here!!!

Out of the Closet Into the Light is now available to order in paperback, as well as Kindle and Nook formats!
If you would like to enter to win a copy of the paperback, simply leave a comment. That's it! Easy:-)
I am really looking forward to sharing Jordan's story. I know when you read about his life and experiences, you will be just as awed as I am that someone could survive such horrific things and still be here to tell about it. You will also be touched by the miracle that he is.

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About the book:
After living a life of abuse, abandonment and homosexuality, Jordan Jantz made the ultimate choice. Leaving his old life behind, Jordan came to know and understand God's love for him, as well as discover his own part in the eternal plan.
But this book isn't just about his Christian conversion and lifestyle change, it is also about all the things he suffered that helped to bring him to this point. It's about everything he was, everything he is, and everything he is on his way to becoming.
Simply put, this is the story of his journey from the painful, cold darkness into the light.

A portion of the proceeds from Out of the Closet Into the Light will be donated to The Christmas Box International to support abused and neglected children. 

Grab your copy today! You'll be glad you did:-)


  1. I already have mine and I'm excited to start it and leave a review about it! 100% fan of Jewel's (or Jewella's) writing

  2. I've already purchased and read the Kindle version of the book. It's a quick, but good read. As a friend of Jordan's, I was somewhat aware of the trials he's had in his life and feel lucky to know the man as he is today. He's a survivor and has overcome much more than most of us would ever hope to endure.