Monday, December 23, 2013

Perfect Christmas Gift!

Out of the Closet Into the Light is the perfect gift of anyone looking for a miraculous story that demonstrates that nothing is impossible with God.

What Readers Are Saying
"Though the book is not an autobiography in the most technical sense, the book flows as a narrative with Jordan's voice clearly evident. Adams did a fantastic job selecting from,editing, and compiling events from whatever else Jordan must have shared with her. The book is short, honest, and matter-of-fact. There is no plea for mercy or outcry for restitution. The book supplies a true account of one man's (unfortunate) upbringing and the surprising and deserved final ending. You will be shocked at the quantity of wrongdoing described in this book. Though descriptive and honest, the author does not step into unnecessary or excessive details. It is a great book to remind us all why we ought to be a little kinder - or a lot kinder - to everyone we meet and see every day. We need more openness, love, and honesty. This book provides all of that. Short read, yet powerful and worth it."

"Out of the Closet and Into the Light" is an authentic account of a person who has experienced tremendous pain and abuse in childhood yet have found the courage and capacity to continue to love. One sad result of many who have experience abuse is becoming trapped in the belief that they are not lovable and worthless, thus imposing on themselves, after the original abusers have long gone, continued self-abuse through drugs, depression, and for some, suicide. Jordan's account of his journey through life shows that it is possible to "dare greatly" in the face of his abusers so that he is not held hostage forever by their actions. His humility and willingness to give a chance to opportunities for growth and healing is a lesson everyone can learn from and emulate. Although the experiences shared in this book are some of the most heart wrenching I have read, ultimately, it is a hopeful book. Jordan showed that despite all that is evil in the world, there is also good...if you are willing to let that love in. I highly recommend it to anyone, not just those who have experienced abuse, but for anyone who has experienced pain, betrayal, and loss. "
"This book opens the door of a soul who has made the decision to turn from a early life of dark, self-destructive, behavior where his lifestyle is a series of bad choices and makes an astounding turn around in his physical and mental behavior to find meaning and redemption in his life as he seeks the help of the Savior to redefine his direction and purpose in life."

"This is a well written book about what one child suffered at the hands of those who should have loved and nurtured him. It makes me wonder how many children suffer in silence. The day we received the book from Amazon, I sat down and read it in two hours. I have purchased more books and have been sharing them with family and friends. I highly recommend this book for anyone to read. May the voices of the children be heard and may each of us reach out with an understanding heart to all of God's children.
J. Adams did an excellent job in writing the story of Jordan Jantz."

About the book
After living a life of abuse, abandonment and homosexuality, Jordan Jantz made the ultimate choice. Leaving his old life behind, Jordan came to know and understand God's love for him, as well as discover his own part in the eternal plan. But this book isn't just about his Christian conversion and lifestyle change, it is also about all the things he suffered that helped to bring him to this point. It's about everything he was, everything he is, and everything he is on his way to becoming. Simply put, this is the story of his journey from the painful, cold darkness into the light. A portion of the proceeds from Out of the Closet Into the Light will be donated to The Christmas Box International to support abused and neglected children.

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