Saturday, March 1, 2014

Guess What Jordan Has Been Up To?

Jordan just spent a week in Las Vegas promoting Out of the Closet Into the Light and hanging out with a couple of pals:-)
And yes, Marie has read the book and was touched by Jordan's life and what he overcame to be the person he is today. You can't help but be affected by his story and the example he sets every day. He touches the life of every person he comes in contact with and helps to change them for the better.
Jordan has a genuine love for everyone and his countenance literally shines, drawing people in, making them want to know of the happiness he has found in giving his life to God.

About the book

After living a life of abuse, abandonment and homosexuality, Jordan Jantz made the ultimate choice. Leaving his old life behind, Jordan came to know and understand God's love for him, as well as discover his own part in the eternal plan. But this book isn't just about his Christian conversion and lifestyle change, it is also about all the things he suffered that helped to bring him to this point. It's about everything he was, everything he is, and everything he is on his way to becoming. Simply put, this is the story of his journey from the painful, cold darkness into the light. A portion of the proceeds from Out of the Closet Into the Light will be donated to The Christmas Box International to support abused and neglected children.
What Readers Are Saying
"This is a well written book about what one child suffered at the hands of those who should have loved and nurtured him. It makes me wonder how many children suffer in silence. The day we received the book from Amazon, I sat down and read it in two hours. I have purchased more books and have been sharing them with family and friends. I highly recommend this book for anyone to read. May the voices of the children be heard and may each of us reach out with an understanding heart to all of God's children.
J. Adams did an excellent job in writing the story of Jordan Jantz." 
"This book opens the door of a soul who has made the decision to turn from a early life of dark, self-destructive, behavior where his lifestyle is a series of bad choices and makes an astounding turn around in his physical and mental behavior to find meaning and redemption in his life as he seeks the help of the Savior to redefine his direction and purpose in life."  

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To My Support Team - from Jordan
Special blessings to all my family and friends in the LGBT community, for stepping into my life at a young age and walking with me when everyone else walked out of my life. You will always be my shining star. It was your continued love that helped to bring me out of the closet and into the light of God's love.
My doctors, therapists, landlord, case managers, and clergy, people who are from all walks of life, have helped my life's work to this day. Without all of you I would be dead.

It is hard to have a desire to live when you have no one who believes in you. I can't tell you how much I have prayed for someone to take my hand and not let go. Because I am who I am, so many have questioned the journey I walk and questioned my worth. Everyone else let go of my hand, as well as the hope of me becoming the man God created me to be. So many times I was abandoned by people who called me their family. God sent all of you into my life as shepherds to encourage me with unconditional love. What you did for me, the least of these, you unknowingly did for God.

Someday there will be no more pain and we will all be together. Real love sets us free from judgments. I tank God for putting you all into my life. If not for the experiences I shared with you, this book wouldn't have been written. I know the disabilities I face daily are a struggle, but I also know you will never abandon me. Without your love I would be lost.
Cherish is the word that reminds me of you. Thank you for walking this painful journey with me.

Your brother,
Jordan Jantz

But the Lord saith unto Samuel, Look not on the countenance, or the height of his stature; because I have refused him: for the Lord seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart.
1 Samuel 16:7


  1. I spent this afternoon with Jordan, learning about his visit with Donny and Marie and thinking back over the year that I have been his friend.

    Jordan's story is one of extreme abuse and neglect, disturbingly set in a suburban world we recognize. This recognition translates to a sneaking shame that can cause a reader to reject even this true story because it shows that maybe we are not as perceptive as we imagine we are. The reader is hooked by the honesty and familiarity found inside the surreal.

    The book cannot capture the man today any more than a scrapbook can capture a childhood. Jordan lives humbly and kindly. He struggles to trust people, as a child of abandonment will. He struggles to trust even good institutions, as a person that has been coerced to conform or be exiled will. He struggles with his health and resources. His dedication to speaking about both his past pain and current happiness drives him to sacrifice. His heart is with the orphans of the Christmas Box International, where all his book proceeds go. He has gone without meals and collected cans to recycle so that he is able to travel to talk about this book, in the hope that its story can increase society’s sensitivity so that at-risk children may be identified and nurtured. He lives penny to penny and grace by grace. The book teaches us that we look past abuse every day. In person, Jordan teaches that the most important values are inclusion and unconditional love. Jordan teaches lessons we need to learn, lessons we *should* have learned, given our advantages.

    Many will question how Jordan’s real development and happiness are proceeding, given his disadvantages, his precarious childhood, his career as an escort and now his current path as an openly gay Mormon. Given other publicized stories, skepticism is not unwarranted. But few have been closer to him this last year or seen his relationship with his spiritual leaders more clearly, than has been my privilege this year. For those who question if Jordan is really being served and loved on this path, let me put this worry to rest: **this** is good. Jordan's spiritual leaders touch his soul only with Jesus's gentle tools. Jordan identifies as a Born Again Christian Mormon. This spiritual journey does good for Jordan and his Mormon family.

    Jordan has something very special to give us all.

    Marni Zollinger, Portland OR

  2. In the two and a half years we have known Jordan we have seen his improvement and changes in his physical health and in his spiritual growth. He is brave and courageous. He loves Christ and understand how the Atonement rescues each of us when we choose to change and follow His commandments. Jordan has no fear in sharing this with others.

    We love Jordan and enjoy having him in our home sharing our meals.

    Jordan spent a year studying the church and praying for guidance before choosing to be baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He is not shy about inviting his friends to church. We welcome them and enjoy meeting them.

    We are blessed because we have read "Out of the Closet, Into The Light". We appreciate what he is doing to help others by sharing his story.

  3. Jordan lived a life of terrible abuse and suffering from the time he was born. I became very teary several times when reading his book. His example will touch everyone who reads his book "Out of the Closet, Into The Light".. His conversion in becoming a Christian and being baptized into the Church of Jesus of Latter Day Saints changed his life. He was active in the gay community and invited all of them to his baptism. He continues to invite them to church each Sunday. He is a friend to all. He has left the lifestyle behind and they know that, but Jordan has a heart full of love for everyone. Jordan loves the Savior and makes it clear that he lives for Him. Jordan walks by the Spirit. I was uplifted by reading Jordan's book and how he handled a life that treated him so harshly and yet his attitude is one of love and hope. Anyone who reads Jordan's book will be blessed and uplifted.

  4. My Dear Jordan. I am privileged to call him my friend. By reading his book "Out of the Closet, Into the Light", I have become even more aware of the great changes in his spirit. I am so amazed how a little boy that was severely abused for so many years, could function in society. He has changed since he joined our church, yet still remaines true to his friends in the gay community. He radiates the Light of Christ. He is a man of integrity, love and courage. He honors his friends and supports them, no matter their religion or sexual preference. He has a heart of gold! I have invited him over many times to spend a holiday dinner with our family but instead he chooses to serve the needy or less fortunate in our community. He continues to share the love of our Savior and his love for the Gospel with anyone and everyone. Jordan has become a transformed disciple of our Savior Jesus Christ. Jordan's life is a perfect example of turning ones life over to Christ and then witnessing the miracles that come from submitting to God's will. We will forever be blessed for having Jordan in our lives. God Bless you Jordan

  5. I have known Jordan for nearly five years, through our church. As we began our friendship, he shared some of the stories from his childhood. But I had no idea, just how much he has gone through, beginning at such a very young age. "Out of the closet, into the Light" begins as a story of great sorrow, which becomes a triumph of the Spirit. Jordan has become a true disciple of Christ and shares that knowledge and love with anyone he comes into contact with. He has used this faith in God and his past to write his story for one reason. That reason is to share his tragic story with the world, so that anyone that has been abused as a child, will know that there is hope, understanding and love in the world. Writing this book took great courage and must have been nearly as hard as living through the experiences, but Jordan has made it his mission to help others. It is a blessing to know Jordan and to call him my friend and to witness the great things that Christ is doing in his life.....which of course he is sharing with the world, cause that's how Jordan is. He is all about making a difference!

    Mark Huffman

  6. Thanks so much for all your wonderful comments!

  7. Jordan made a personal commitment over seven years ago to follow Christ and live true to the gospel principles he learned through the Church of Jesus Christ. It was a difficult decision because it would mean denying himself the closeness of relationships that he longs for. Since then, his faith and the strength of his commitment have been tried over and over as the fabric of his life in the gay community unraveled. Close friends whom he loves and has always counted on left one by one. His passionate efforts to publicly share his testimony and his life's story inspired many to live with greater love, empathy and compassion. Those same efforts alienated others who chose to follow a different path themselves and would criticize and wound him for his integrity. Despite these challenges, Jordan has been true to his commitment. He has a purpose in life - to serve and protect the children who were and are abused like he was. He works hard every day to fulfill that purpose with a sense of urgency. To those who love him for who he is and call him a friend, should we not support him in this cause? To those who criticize, LEAVE HIM ALONE; Jordan's choices in the path of his life are his own and he is true to what he believes. Let the voice of hope and healing in his book be a light to all who read it.

  8. I'm surprised to hear some people oppose this book. It makes me think they must not have read it yet. I just posted my Amazon review which I'll paste here:

    "I've lived a really sheltered life, and this book opened my eyes to the fact that there is real honest-to-goodness evil in this world. That Jordan could not only survive these experiences, but thrive as a human being, seeking for the light of Christ and blessing those around him, is a testament to the strength and character of his soul. The author did a wonderful job conveying the horrors of abuse matter-of-factly without gory embellishment. Within the chapters and especially at the end, rays of hope shine through.

    To those who are suspicious of the book, thinking it's anti-gay or pro-reparative therapy, please give it a chance. I have friends across the spectrum of belief on whether God blesses gay unions who found this book to be enlightening and worth the read. It tells of one man's rocky journey that ends with him finding peace and forgiveness. It condemns abuse and judgment while encouraging unconditional love and turning your life over to Christ. It is a very touching book that inspires me to be more compassionate and less judgmental of my fellow human beings."

  9. I just got off the phone after talking with Jordan about some of the unfavorable things some have said about him and the book about him. I just wish that they could get to know Jordan. Here is a man who has been through more in his life than anyone should have to endure - and yet he has. He has come to know that Jesus Christ is there for him and that the love he feels from his Savior is real and, just as importantly, that love is available to all of God's children. Jordan has shown the courage and strength to speak out about his trials in life in an effort to help others who might be struggling as well. I am sure it is not always easy to put yourself in a position for others, who do not know or understand Jordan's journey, to ridicule or put down. Jordan has done it to help others find the light that he has found. Today, he is going to speak to people at a Catholic church in Portland to let them know of his love for Jesus Christ and all that Christ has done for him and let them know that the Savior loves us all and wants us all to find the peace and joy in life that only comes from our Savior.

    My life has been touched by Jordan and his love for others. I am grateful to count him as a friend. I hope that this book will touch others and give them hope.

  10. My name is Eric Davis and I continue to be honored to be a part of Jordan's life and am encouraged by the strength that he draws from his Lord Jesus Christ. His book continues to not only share the difficult truth about his life but has also brought a much needed awareness to his readers regarding the reality of child abuse in our midst wherever we might live. Jordan's ongoing transparency about his past and current challenges is inspiring to those who will take the time to listen. May God continue to provide Jordan with the strength and courage to serve Him as he does today, with all his heart.

  11. Forwarded from a friend:

    Joseph B Wirthlin of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints said:

    "True disciples of Jesus Christ have always been concerned for the one. Jesus Christ is our greatest example. He was surrounded by multitudes and spoke to thousands, yet He always had concern for the one. “For the Son of man is come to save that which was lost,” 1 He said. “What man of you, having an hundred sheep, if he lose one of them, doth not leave the ninety and nine in the wilderness, and go after that which is lost, until he find it?” 2

    This instruction applies to all who follow Him. We are commanded to seek out those who are lost. We are to be our brother’s keeper. We cannot neglect this commission given by our Savior. We must be concerned for the one."

    Jordan's goal in writing this book is to give hope to those that have no hope; by lifting their gaze to the Heavenly Light of Jesus Christ. May many who read this book lift themselves from darkness into a future filled with joy and happiness.


  12. I am so happy to see the progress Jordan has been making on all fronts lately. His spirit is soaring to new heights. Spending a weekend in the company of Donny and Marie is a rare privilege very few receive. He continues to be an outspoken advocate for living within the bounds the Lord has established irrespective of ones gender preference. His actions match his words, even though this is difficult.

    Jordan's stand does not garner praise from everyone, but taking a stand for righteousness is never easy. Congratulations Jordan for taking a stand; you have a lot of people on your side. Count me as one of them.

  13. I have known Jordan for several years now. I first met him on the front porch of the LDS Institute building in downtown Portland where I was the Institute Director. He had just put out a cigarette and I invited him inside to talk. We became very good friends very quickly. When I told him that I have a gay son he was impressed that I had not rejected him and had told my son that I would love him whether he decided to live a gay lifestyle or to live a Christian lifestyle with wife a children. He was amazed that my son had chosen to live the Christian lifestyle and was doing very well with it although there were challenges. Jordan knew then that I would love him and that God would love him no matter what he decided to do with his life. At the time of our meeting Jordan was still a male escort but had in fact been diagnosed with HIV. I was thrilled when Jordan decided to pursue his relationship with God and to become a true follower of Christ and obey all of his commandments. This of course meant giving up a lifestyle which had been the only thing he had known up until then. I had the honor of baptizing him a few months later and have watched him be a crusader for obedience to Christ's message ever since. At the same time he has continued his work in serving the gay community and has spoken of his gay friends with nothing but love and a non judgmental feeling. He loves them all. I read his book and grieved at many details that he had not yet shared with me about his childhood filled with abuse, loneliness and sorrow. I am amazed that a man could go through so much pain and rejection over and over again and still come out a normal and loving person. He is truly one of my heroes and I recommend his book for all to read. It is a truly inspiring story.

  14. I have known Jordan for nearly seven years and have witnessed the marvelous changes he has seen in his life. I am so proud of Jordan for the choices he has made in his life. I know they haven’t been easy, but for Jordan, these have been good choices that have brought much happiness in his life. I am grateful to know Jordan as a brother in Christ and to see him live his life with integrity to the things he knows are right. He is a good friend and a person you can always count on.

    He stays true to the friendships with so many people and is an influence for good in our lives.

    I am so proud of Jordan for the upstanding man that he is.

  15. It was my privilege to teach Jordan in the mission field. Seven years ago I wrote home telling my parents about Jordan and said, “He has such an amazing testimony of the Gospel. He has such drive to change the world. He has made the necessary changes and is ready to be baptized. It is truly amazing what the Gospel, and the Savior does for people.” I may have taught Jordan in the mission field, but he has taught me, my family, and many other people how to love and serve God with all our hearts.

    Thank you Jewel for giving Jordan’s story a voice.

  16. Jordan, for the last 6 years I have known and admired you as a great man who loves and follows our Lord, Jesus Christ. You live your beliefs with courage and dignity. I can't tell you how surprised I was to hear of the neglect and abuse that you suffered while growing up. I can't even imagine how your biological parents could sell their dear baby. My heart aches for you with all the anguish you must have endured just trying to grow up and be accepted. I know that many people who have gone through trials similar to yours chose to take the easy way out. I am so proud of you for your courage and determination to stand up for what you believe to be right. You are truly a light to show others the way to happiness by living the Lord's standards. You are wonderful and strong! I deeply admire, respect, and love you. Your friend, Geri Oyler

  17. this has touched many men who have lived with your story, they put it deep down inside and tell themselves they never were abused and if its abuse well they can live with it because men are not to talk about this type of truth,just pretend it never happend or tell yourself you were to small to ever remember your infant years or your growind up years ,the choice is in your mind, what would you do to be free fro the shame jordan jantz has lived with through out the history of his life after reading his book, along with thousands of others who are walking in freedom after jordans firesides and book signings, many lives are opening the closet doors and steping into gos light of love and truth with hope for freedom from past shame,let it go............

  18. my life has become renewed from jordan jantz life and the truth he brings into others lives. try to become apart of his healing firesides if you dare face the truth of who you were born to be, yes this is hard to do, but its worth hearing and learning how to live your life in the light from a man who has been their and done that and wore out the t-shirt. as jordan jantz teaches the love factor of life.happy valentines day jordan, and so many lives are going to be touched by your new book embraced. much joy be with you on valentines day. your going to hold the bar for others in life.