Sunday, August 31, 2014

Jordan's Moment

Each of us lives a brilliant life when we open up and share our lives with others. I appreciate your help in sharing my story by sharing
 Out of the Closet Into the Light with others. The book can be purchased through Amazon and Barnes& The author, Jewel Adams, spent many months working on my story, and I have chosen to give my portion of the proceeds to help abused children. I humbly share the story of my life with the world in the hope that it will help others to know we are never alone and it is never too late to change.

This has been a summer of clarity for me. I have learned so much. I now know how much strength and power is within me and I understand there are times when I must give control to God. My past is what it is, and I "give the drama to momma." Hallelujah! I am very blessed to have the life I do now.
One of my best friends died this summer and I will always treasure his love and friendship. I’m a realist. I don’t hide from my life or experiences, specifically painful ones like this summer's experience of friendship and death. I've told thousands of people, "When someone you love dies, you now have an angel you can call by name." I've always believed that death shows up to remind us to live life more fully.
I'm confident that my intimate friendships with others will also be healing and transforming in their lives. My spiritual family taught me that love and support are critical to my emotional and physical well-being, and bonding with Jesus Christ brings healing through the Holy Spirit. Prayer is reality in my life on earth. I can never be responsible for other people or their choices in the past - choices to use pain to manipulate me. Nothing will draw me away from accomplishing what God wants me to accomplish here on earth. I believe that wherever I go, I am accepting God’s call to help transform the world by being the change I wish to see in this world, and each moment of life that I spend sharing God's love with you, with His help, I am inspiring you with hope for that breakthrough moment in your life.
I also do this to enhance my own spirit, and my soul. Throughout my daily life, I find moments to just exhale deeply, then inhale and exhale, taking the time to notice my breathing. It always gives me a little recharge, a surge of energy that reminds me I'm alive here and now. I have been happier the past two years than I have been in all the years that I have lived on this earth. Whenever I try to exercise compassion, loyalty, mercy, and charity, it helps me to be more in tune with the Spirit. My relationships are better than ever, and love is stronger in my life than it ever has been. This year I have finally let go of feelings of abandonment in all forms.
My spiritual family honestly couldn't care less about my past or what anyone may say. With my family by my side, I will conquer all things that hold me back from progressing because we are so committed to loving one another. It feels so good to have that, to feel that.
Each of us have opportunities that transform us, giving us a new perspective of God’s sacred plan of happiness - a plan that will help each of us bring others to the knowledge of the Savior, Jesus Christ. I'm still learning what we all must learn - to let God take care of those who live for the single purpose of bringing misery upon others. I have learned that we have to let it all go. It is the only way we can be whole.

I want to thank everyone: my doctors, clergy, chaplains, case managers, Americans With Disabilities, and so many others. Thank you, Jewel Adams, Ty Mansfield, Stewart Weed, Allen Oyler, YiYang Fei, Lee and Lisa Harris and their family, the Zollingers, my favorite pilot, Mark Mazier, and his wife, Christy in San Clemente, California, Mel and Linda Hedgepeth who open doors for me, and my favorite dentist, Scott Hansen. I will always have a special bond with these people. Plus, there are so many others that give me support I can't name them all.
Last but not least, a big thank you to Evergreen International, Christian Adams, and Fred and Marilyn Matis. You helped to transform my mind.  Also, thank you to the many friends from Seattle, Portland, Boise, all the gay and straight communities, and the LGBT, both in church and out of church. Your unconditional hope and desire to see me do well in my life are a boon to me. You all make me smile every day.

You were my strength when I was weak.
You were my voice when I couldn't speak.
You were my eyes when I couldn't see.
You saw the best there was in me.
Lifted me up when I couldn't reach.
You gave me faith 'cause you believed. 
(Diane Warren - Because You Loved Me)

This fall, I have been invited to personally attend Oprah’s “This Is Your Breakthrough and It Is On Its Way” Tour 2014. The tour will begin in September and I will be in Seattle, Washington November 7-8th for this once in a lifetime interview with Miss Oprah Winfrey and her team. Log onto for more details.
Some may ask, "Why?" and some will say, “I’m happy for you!” I’m learning to grow into the man God has called me to be and not a duplicate of any other person with their ideas on how life is to be lived. I am striving to let the Holy Spirit guide my destiny and my life. My adventure with Oprah will open doors I have only spiritually dreamed of. This opportunity will aid me in helping others reach for the best in themselves. I want to help us all understand that we are amazing human beings, and we must soar beyond our dreams.
I will be forever learning from the prophets of God and God's brilliant, spiritual women who have enhanced my life, helping me to become the man of God I am today - a man blessed to share the love of a merciful God, a forgiving God, a transforming God, a God whose Son's sacrifice will wash away the sins of every human on this earth.
We are clean by the blood of Jesus Christ when we commit our lives to him and earnestly strive to live the gospel. Never let anyone tell you different, because Christ forgives and forgets it all. Always remember that.
With Christ as your Master, nobody can throw your past in your face again. If they try, shame on them, and may Christ reveal to them  his forgiving love, for they truly know not what they do when they persecute you. I have been there. I have been persecuted and ripped apart for trying to help children find hope and love on this earth. God has opened many doors and given me many opportunities to be a voice of hope. I love you and I am grateful for you all. 
This has been the best year of my life.
Thank you all for sharing my voice of hope and praying for me. Also thank you for your prayers in my behalf for this opportunity with Oprah Winfrey.

Thank you for investing in the lives of the children that have been abandoned and abused through your purchase of Out of the Closet Into the Light.

Jordan and Charity

 About the Book

After living a life of abuse, abandonment 
and homosexuality, Jordan Jantz made the
 ultimate choice. Leaving his old life 
behind, Jordan came to know and 
understand God's love for him, as well as
discover his own part in the eternal plan. 
But this book isn't just about his Christian
 conversion and lifestyle change, it is also 
about all the things he suffered that helped 
to bring him to this point. It's about 
everything he was, everything he is, and 
everything he is on his way to becoming.
Simply put, this is the story of his journey 
from the painful, cold darkness into the 
light. Jordan's portion of the proceeds from Out of the Closet Into the Light will be donated to  The Christmas Box International to support abused and neglected children. 


  1. I love this gratitude idea. I rate my gratitude as a 5 -- it helps me to SAY out loud that this is an awesome thing, for Jordan and for my family.

  2. I feel that Jordan's handsome face needs an appearance on the Oprah/Deepak poster. Just a thought from a fan.

    1. That would be awesome, wouldn't it?
      Thanks for your comment:-)

  3. Jordan, the story of the death of your friend was so beautiful and uplifting that it stayed with me all the way to the bottom of this post. Don't get me wrong, the post was full of goodness but the thought of angels we know is tender.

    Jordan, I wish you all the best luck with Oprah. We all need a little of what you have.

  4. Jordan, I"m really happy that you will be having this marvelous experience with Oprah. You go!! :)

  5. Jordan, it is an honor to know you. I hope many others will be inspired and uplifted by your story through this amazing experience with Oprah! I'm grateful for your willingness to be vulnerable in order to help others :)

  6. So many things in life start out small and grow slowly over long periods only to blossom and come into their own, much as the church has; it is a pattern of life. Having known Jordan over a number of years, I have witnessed his growth in much the same pattern. Over the past year or so, he has blossomed and his message is beginning to reach the larger audience.

    The message is to bring to light and then reach the many who have suffered with abuse in one form or another. So many suffer, but keep it hidden because it is still a topic that is not talked about or acknowledged for the most part. With all he has experienced and suffered, he is well poised to touch and give hope to so many whose lives are shackled and stunted by this issue.

    His stage has been local and LDS for the most part, but the upcoming appearance on Oprah will launch him into national/international exposure. The potential for rejuvenating a national dialogue that will reach out to so many is ripening with this opportunity in November. Most of us are not aware of the percentage of people in this county that are deeply scarred by abuse, but the numbers are staggering and seldom is it an isolated event; it runs in families and traverses generations in families.

    Jordan’s sacrifices for this cause may well bless each of us and help to heal families.

  7. One of many fairwell greetings and best of luck celebrations for Jordan and Charity before Oprah’s You Can Have the Life You Want weekend. We want to thank ALL of you who has been a part of this event, financially, spiritually, and supporting with love.

    Things are in place this week with Oprah Winfrey for the life-changing opportunity where extreme communities that would not be exposed to one another are now out of the closet and into the light with one another’s ambition to see Jordan off. I testify and witness that this is the way that Jordan lives his life with all people. As for myself, my heart is without words because of witnessing such passion that a community supporting and celebrating a life transformed by healing of someone that is loved as much as my family and I do love Jordan Jantz and his mission upon this earth. This event is forming a wave for Jordan to return home, to share the wisdom and knowledge of being out of the closet and into the light with Oprah Winfrey.

    I will testify of what I have witnessed in Jordan’s life and his interactions with every community and his flexible ability to be spiritually intimate. Each soul is unique and needs inclusion and support. Jordan adds thrust and methodology to his message. Many ask what type of support keeps a person moving toward the savior, and how does one manage same-gender attraction? Since we in Portland have witnessed that there is nobody here that has come out and wants to live the standards of the church along with Jordan, as his friend I have chosen to walk with him. Our encounters happen every week which my husband calls my “home teaching”. It is hard to say who gets more out of this friendship; the miracle of friendship is that both can give and both can have more than ever. For me, this captures the spirit of the Relief Society’s teachings in our lives when we respond to needs we see.

    My husband and I adore Jordan. We see Jordan’s separation from his need to have much more constant one-on-one with people who believe as he does, that have an LDS background and who desire an interest of transformation, and that the need remains unmet. Little progress has been made toward getting a support group for anyone who has same-gender attraction in Portland that is LDS-based for those who do want to live the gospel standards and the doctrine and covenants. So many in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints think that they understand the struggle emotionally, mentally and spiritually; but to my husband and myself it is obvious that so many in the church really don’t understand Jordan’s passion. Jordan is willing and trusting of my husband and me to share what we are sending you, because we know that when Jordan returns from this journey with Oprah, Jordan will be more than an example to the gay community. He will be an example to anyone who is in Portland and honestly desires to walk in freedom as Jordan already does.

    Until you return from Oprah, Jordan, you are in our prayers of hearts of many who you have touched already… God isn’t finished with you yet, Jordan, so let’s all enjoy.

    1. Jordan has been transparent of the
      story of his jlurney pn tbis rarth of all church people jordan is of hope and livjt witbojt ha eing to pro 3 his hope to transflrm the l I es of brpken childtdn who ja e lived through a b usse jor f an is a man who brings tr I t5ruth a d hope we lo e him and his god thT j o rfan tbe)ll )o e he has s o .uch pf learn crlm h k l I fe

  8. Please stop posting false truths about brother Jordan you who are challenged with Jordan's story are out on a different life plan than Mr Jordan jan5z Portland's gày LDS man of god