Monday, September 7, 2015

Jordan's Hope! Labor Day 2015

This September for three weeks, Jordan will be with his biological family, the people in the book by Jewel Adams, Out of the Closet Into the Light. Genealogy was accomplished last May when Jordan was given a grave plot by his biological brother. It had been saved for Jordan. Thank you to all who walked with Jewel Adams and Ty Mansfield with Voices of Hope and Northstar and Out of the Closet Into the Light, supporting my life. I can honestly thank you for embracing my trip home to Decatur at this pivotal point in the last embrace with many.

Thank you for supporting the Christmas Box House. The book Embraced is also being written and taped while in my hometown of Decatur. This trip is for the opportunity not to meet this time, but to look into the lives of each other and see one another for who we all have become, and I pray that Northstar Family and Voices of Hope Family along with old friends from Evergreen International and from my friend Jewel Adams, author of Out of the Closet Into the Light, the story of my life, will be opened up for the ability to meet all who are in her published story of surviving a life that becomes embraced.

I promise that after coming home again from meeting my biological family, I will be able to embrace the reality we all need to embrace one another, just as the Savior embraced us from the cross to the grave. We are all blessed. Take opportunities like this one and share what’s in your heart. You may be the person that God talks about in the Bible when you entertain the company of strangers you don’t know if you are entertaining the company of angels or even the Lord, himself.
Share this message and embrace your life, because none of my life is able to work without Jesus putting his grace and mercy in all of your hearts for me. BE the BEACON OF LIGHT that God created you to be. Light the path for others to embrace. THANK YOU!

P.S. Keep us in prayer, my spiritual family throughout the country, that God will bless this last opportunity to reveal my life’s mission for children throughout the country from all walks of life who need a mentor or a company who needs a spokesperson, whatever it takes to transform the life of a child, I will have proven that anything is possible in the book, Embraced, released Feb 14, 2016 (Valentines Day).
Ty and Jewel, the years we have shared are years I embrace. You are the best of colleagues. Thank you for all you do. It was a true blessing to receive the Beacon of Light Award from all of you at Northstar and Voices of Hope. You all are true Christian brothers who will walk the walk and not give up.

Jordan Jantz and Charity

The Voices of Hope website features videos and essays on Latter-Day Saints who struggle with same-sex attraction.
Stop by and watch Jordan's video. His testimony of God's unconditional love for each of us will touch your heart.

About Out of the Closet Into the Light

After living a life of abuse, abandonment and homosexuality, Jordan Jantz made the ultimate choice. Leaving his old life behind, Jordan came to know and understand God's love for him, as well as discover his own part in the eternal plan. But this book isn't just about his Christian conversion and lifestyle change, it is also about all the things he suffered that helped to bring him to this point. It's
about everything he was, everything he is, and everything he is on his way to becoming. Simply put, this is the story of his journey from the painful, cold darkness into the light. A portion of the proceeds from Out of the Closet Into the Light will be donated to The Christmas Box International to support abused and neglected children.
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  1. i enjoy reading about topics today. whats really going on is jordan has put open something the has hit the church doors and everyone in the l.d.s church is grateful to see a man speak truth. when so so so many tell him to find a chrisyian based churched jordans reply to all of you is jesus is the rock in this church of jesus christ of latter day saints, jordan speaks of all these moments he encounters from pastors and minsters who deal with same gender attraction, so many judge jordan jantz and tell him that he is so wonderful and full of love but you need to get out and go fin d a church that teaches gods word and then jordan jantz will beable to be used by god until he finds a christian based church he cant be used in most ministries is what men that have churches tell jordan, you can pray the gay away ,but jordan tells them you ca not pray away the gay and god has never said it will all go away if you go to the temple or the church. jordan your ahead of many men please dont give up on all christians some just want power over your victory as a voice of hope to the nation and the country, who gets to do what jordan jantz has done through his father in heaven and his medical and spirtual people in his life today,we wish everyone a merry christmas, and dont judge others love changes lives forever.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts:-)