Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Saying Goodbye to Charity

Special Portland, Oregon Memorial Service
Charity is the Pure Love of Christ
Charity, Jordan Jantz’s Service Dog of 16 years will be Laid to Rest on Monday November 14, 2016 at 9 am.

Charity, Service Dog, transformed the hearts of the homeless and the children at children’s hospital for over a decade of her sixteen years of service to Jordan Jantz.
Portland will hold a candle with friends and their animals this weekend before Charity says goodbye to her loved ones and the many whose hearts she touched.  
A special thank you to my Spiritual Family and my little wild child who touched my heart and Charity’s spirit: Caleb, you’re a rock star to Charity and she loved you very much. Thank you for the love. You’re very sensitive just as I am. Let it go, Let it go… I must Let Charity Go. I will bury her ashes in my grave in Decatur, Illinois and add her name with mine above it.
To all those whose lives she touched, take your opportunity of sharing your gratitude for the animals on earth like Charity, see link below.  
Big Love to Aunt Freida for naming Charity and picking a dog of the Pharaohs, my Basenji. You were right, having Charity was like having a twin around. We mirrored each other. Putting baked potatoes in the pillow of the person sleeping in the streets every week, Charity shared her love and they were emotionally touched by both acts of kindness. The children she touched left this planet knowing that there was a beautiful black and white dog named Charity that made their last days Happy here in Portland, Oregon at the Children’s Hospital.  This Monday, if you would like to contact with positive Christian love, contact Jordan Jantz. Jordan will return home with her ashes that same afternoon. “I know she will be shining down on me from heaven this holiday season.  Much love, and please watch this beautiful video.” – Jordan and Charity
Broken Wings Ministry (503) 223-3648   1430 SW 12th Ave. #1709 Portland, OR 97201
PS: Thank you for remembering what she was for people with disabilities. God is good, so good!  Please pray that the emptiness will go away before thanksgiving, if it is possible.

Watch Jordan's videos of the last week of Charity's life.
Youtube Page

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