Friday, November 4, 2016

Thanksgiving Letter From Jordan

Happy Thanksgiving, North Star Family and my Voices of Hope and Spiritual Family with special honors to the Christmas Box House
International. I want to honor and thank you for helping me be able to help other children who have been left behind this Thanksgiving!
As the sun rises through the wall-windows in my high-rise, I look down on the city below and see so many homeless youth and I wonder where are the parents for these teenagers, wrapped in wet blankets? As they huddle together clenching onto what food they have been given, I realize God’s love is so much more than anything I could ever imagine. For if I could only be the sunshine that warms their hearts for just a moment of their morning, I would be so honored. I’ve been there, in their shoes, wondering where I belong and who I belong to and that is why this means more to me, sharing this

special scripture from my heart that I keep hidden away, for it shares the truth of my life with you. I want to thank you, this Thanksgiving, for reaching out and changing the lives of children.
I believe in transformation, for today as never before, I see miracles moving mountains with the faith of a mustard seed, I am blessed because of your faith in what God is doing in me.
YOU KNOW, the smallest thing can change your life. In the blink of an eye, something happens by chance when you least expect it. It sets you on a course you never planned, to someplace you never imagined. Where will it take you? Sometimes, finding the light will take you through the deepest darkness. At least, that’s how it was for me.
Everyone has their own destiny.

Not everyone makes the choice to follow it.
Thanksgiving could be your transformation day. Life is so short.

To view Jordan's Voices of Hope Video, visit Voices of Hope

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About Out of the Closet Into the Light
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